Oak frame garage extension creates new home office in West Sussex

Oak framed garage extension


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We have recently completed an oak frame garage extension project to create a new oak framed home office studio for our clients in Midhurst West Sussex.

A single oak frame garage structure was already in place and was fully utilised for storage and car parking. However, our clients wanted to extend the space to create a nice home office studio space, that was independent from their main family home. This meant that they could “commute” across the garden path and along the drive to “work” in a lovely bright new space without having to battle the challenges of rush hour traffic or public transport. For this project we created a new trench for the concrete foundations and then built a supporting wall adjoin the new timber frame. Our frames are constructed offsite, using traditional jointing methods and fully assembled. They are then dismantled, loaded onto trucks to then be transported to our clients site.

This pre-preparation work, ensures that the oak frame can be assembled as quickly as possible once it arrives on site. The frames are effectively free standing and self supporting, so they are not dependent on other structures for support. However, we think they look incredible. Once the frame is assembled then the next stage is to felt and batten the roof to keep out the elements, start to install the heating and electrics and any other services as quickly as possible. Then we will start to install the glazing and once that’s done we moved inside to complete the internal finish. As you can see from the pictures below, it created a nice flexible space that has plenty of natural light with a finish that completely blends in with the existing oak building and the surrounding garden area.

Oak framed garage extension
Oak framed garage structure
Interior of oak framed garage
Side view

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