How our customers feel is as important as what we make

We are a small and personal company with a very different approach.

Our design team will listen to you, so you get what you want. Our view is to guide and advise, but the final decision will be yours, because it is your home.

We want to create a space which is inviting and encourages you and your family to become immersed within it. 

The nàdar oak approach

Concept & design

We get together to discuss your thoughts, we are very good listeners! Whether you have done your research and have lots of ideas or are starting from square one, we will help you to shape and mould what is right for you and your home.

Design & planning

We have a team of architects or we can work with your own architect. They will deal with all the planning steps and can be involved in the project as much as you feel you need them to be.

Fixed costs

From the outset we can give you a Guide Budget Figure so you know where you are. Once we know precisely what your requirements are we will give you a Fixed Price for the work, with no hidden extras. You need to know how much it will cost and what you are getting, with no nasty surprises. Detailed drawings and a full specification of works enable us to tell you exactly what the costs are.

Project delivery

There are various options for you as to how your project can be delivered, subject to the level of involvement you wish to have. We can do everything for you from start to finish, or less, down to someone undertaking a self-build.

Building for the future

Given the speed of change that is happening to our beautiful planet and how this is rapidly affecting the long term well-being of the earth, we believe we have a duty of care to show respect for Mother Nature and do what we can, as individuals or as a species.

We work with timber suppliers who have reforestation agreements in place, meaning that more trees are planted than felled. New trees produce more oxygen than old trees and also absorb more carbon dioxide.

Wood has the lowest energy consumption and the lowest carbon dioxide emission of any commonly used building material. It is an organic and naturally renewable material.