Oak framed extension in Surrey. A lovely addition for your home

Oak frame extension in Send


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We completed an interesting oak framed extension project in Send, Surrey: the third oak framed project for the same client in the same house, which was wonderful.

The project comprised of a 3-bay garage and side kitchen extension of circa 72 SQM.

The frame installation was completed, as always, with a heavy crane because of the weight and size of the frame. This particular frame was quite interesting because it had a cruck blade frame, which is one of my favourite personal styles. The design is explained quite well via Wikipedia as follows:

A cruck or crook frame is a curved timber, one of a pair, which supports the roof of a building, used particularly in England. This type of timber framing consists of long, generally naturally curved, timber members that lean inwards and form the ridge of the roof. These posts are then generally secured by a horizontal beam which then forms an “A” shape. Several of these “crooks” are constructed on the ground and then lifted into position. They are then joined together by either solid walls or cross beams which aid in preventing racking (the action of each individual frame going out of square with the rest of the frame, and thus risking collapse).

Many of our clients decide on an oak framed extension because they prefer the natural look of the timber as well as they appreciate the value it will add to their property.

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