Garden offices

A home office nestled in the garden and surrounded by trees and nature.  The bespoke design includes a handcrafted staircase up to a mezzanine sleeping level for occasional guests or kids sleepovers.

Our bespoke home office designs use elements of nature which have a soothing effect on the human psyche. An oak frame home office allows for balancing the moments of intense work throughout the day with moments of rest and relaxation.  Biophilic work places contribute to reducing stress and increase job satisfaction.

The client explains why she chose an oak frame to create a home office environment that works for her:

“The inspiration around the space was to feel connected to nature – the oak and glass offer a panoramic view of my garden.  The oak frame brings the outside in somehow and allows a feeling of calm which is important for me in my work. The benefits from working in a garden office are huge. I actually ‘go to work’ and can separate myself from the hubbub of the house.”

For the client this was an important business investment. “Traditional hand-made, oak-frame buildings attract a premium, but my thinking was that this would be the best investment I could make in my business. The oak is sustainably grown, and the carbon footprint is low in terms of heat etc. It is an amazing space to work that inspires me every day.”

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